What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working in Providence, NV? Cracked Heat Exchanger & More

Furnaces are often used in the Las Vegas Valley to warm homes and make them comfortable in the cool months. It can be very uncomfortable and usually inconvenient when our furnaces are not operating correctly. Repair costs can increase, and wear can worsen but these problems can fortunately be prevented with early detection. There are some issues that present themselves from human error and normal wear where many issues can be averted with routine maintenance care. The common furnace problems to look out for as we get closer to the colder months are listed below by Hal Mechanical.

Furnace Making Scraping Noise

There is an issue with the blower wheel when you hear the sounds of metal on metal. Scraping sounds are an alarming indication of a serious problem. Should you hear the scraping sounds, contacting a heating and A/C expert immediately to investigate the furnace is essential. In addition to just being worn, in more extreme issues the motor mount is broken resulting in an uncontrollable shaking blower assembly whereas the blower wheel could have simply come loose and can be tightened if there was no other damage to it.

Furnace Sounds Like Popcorn Popping

Banging and popping when the furnace switches on is the most common suspects include a dusty furnace burner or ignitor, and that loud pop can be the cause of a few things. A loud bang can be produced when the gas finally ignites. Increasing the hazards with carbon monoxide and as a safety risk the small explosions can lead to the heat exchanger to crack. Replacing the heat exchanger can be a fairly pricey repair in addition to the dangers of being exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning. Particularly in the metal ducts, the loud bangs a created when the blower starts up the expanding and contracting air ducts, when the heating system start up. The banging noises are symptom of clogged air filters, undersized ducts, or obstructed vents.

My Furnace Makes a High Pitched Noise

The shaft bearings are in need of oil, or a faulty blower motor, should you hear a high-pitched noise coming from the furnace. The source can be a blower belt problem. Make the necessary repairs or adjustments with a scheduled seasonal tune-up to target this issue.

Furnace Blowing Cold Air

One of the most common culprits to not getting the warm air is the thermostat’s inefficiency. Setting to “auto” and not “on,” ensure the thermostat is set. As opposed to the “on,” setting where your heating system will blow continuously, be sure to keep the thermostat on “auto” to enable the warm air to be released appropriately. Check the air filters next in the event the thermostat is accurate. It can prevent warm air from getting distributed when the airflow is restricted. The filters should be replaced or cleaned every 1-3 months in accordance to the type of filter. Households with multiple occupants in the home, smokers, and/or those who suffer from allergies and asthma as well as those with indoor pets, and homes in dusty climates require filter changes more often. The warm air might be impeded if the ducts are faulty due to leaks, poor connections, and bad designs. In addition to the discomfort, you will likely see a difference in the utility bills as well.

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Furnace problems can occur through human error or wear and tear, though many issues can be resolved with a furnace tune-up. Hal Mechanical can provide furnace tune-ups and repairs to help you keep the furnace operating. Contact us today!

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