What are the Symptoms of a Bad AC Compressor in Providence, NV? AC Won’t Start, is Noisy & More

The air conditioner compressor is the component that turns the refrigerant from a liquid into a gas which removes the heat from the air. When the compressor fails the entire home will feel warmer and become increasingly more uncomfortable. Often when a compressor fails or is about to go out, it will develop certain symptoms. Hal Mechanical will cover the common symptoms of a faulty compressor and when to seek professional HVAC services.

How Do I Restore the Heat from My Air Compressor?

When a compressor begins to develop problems one of the signs is that the hot air that the HVAC sucks out of the home isn’t being released outside. This one can be hard to detect or notice during the summer seasons. However, if your air conditioner develops issues in cooling down the home, see if your compressor is the problem. Go to the outdoor unit and place your hand over the unit’s fan. If the air feels cool the hot air isn’t being released. You should feel warm or even hot air coming from the fan, this is the compressor properly functioning.

Is a Noisy Air Conditioner Dangerous?

When you hear noises coming from your air conditioner unit it can be due to a number of different problems. A compressor can develop a number of different noises depending on the problem. For example, a compressor can develop popping, banging, clicking, clattering, or screeching noises. Screeching often points to metal rubbing on metal which means the compressor has fallen apart. Banging can also indicate that a screw or bolt has come loose and is bouncing around inside the compressor. When you hear noises it is never a good sign. Turn off the air conditioner and seek professional HVAC repair services.

How Do You Fix an Air Compressor that Won’t Start?

A dead giveaway that your compressor has a problem, is when it fails to turn on. When an air conditioner runs a cycle, you can often hear the compressor. It is normal to hear a slight humming from the compressor. If you do not hear the compressor run, it has failed to start up. At this point there may be a problem with the compressor power supply or the entire compressor might have died.

AC Causes a Breaker to Trip Repeatedly?

When a breaker trips, your electrical safety is hard at work. It is normal for a circuit breaker to trip every now and then. However, when a breaker trips frequently this is a sign of an electrical overload. When the breaker to the air conditioner trips, this is concerning. The air conditioner unit has a dedicated circuit that provides plenty of power to ensure the air conditioner functions properly. When air conditioners overload, the problem is coming from within the air conditioner unit only. In most cases an overload is due to a failing compressor. As the compressor begins to die it may run longer or more frequently, and this can lead to an electrical overload. Often when the breaker trips frequently the compressor is going out.

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These are but a few of the symptoms of a failing or dead air conditioner compressor. When your compressor is failing or you have need of HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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