What are the Do’s & Don’ts of Air Conditioners in Peccole Ranch, NV; AC Maintenance & More

Your AC is cooling down your house, there is nothing to worry about. Right? Living in a home that has an AC there are a few things that you need to be doing that many people do not realize they have to do to help their AC continue to run well. If you neglect your AC, you will be making many mistakes that could lead to very costly repairs down the road. Hal Mechanical will try to help you avoid making these mistakes by talking about what they are.

Not Scheduling AC Maintenance

If you are running your AC in the summer, you have to do maintenance on it. You need to change your air filters every 1 to 3 months. If you forget to change out your air filters, it can start causing problems for your AC. You need to walk outside, go to the outside unit and make sure that it is clear of any debris, bushes, or trees. The outside unit needs a good airflow without anything blocking it.

Wrong Size AC Unit

A very common mistake is having the wrong size unit for the home. You may not think it causes much of a difference but it can to your AC. If your unit is too small, then it has to work overtime to cool down your house. This can increase your energy bill, plus it can cause an increase in breakdowns. You want to make sure you hire a professional so they can determine the correct size of unit for the home.

Not Having AC Serviced

One of the best things you can do for your AC and one that many people forget to do, is get it serviced. When you hire a professional technician to come check out your AC they can determine if anything is going wrong. They can clean it and make sure that it will run smooth. This can help keep your energy bills lower because your AC will continue to run the way it should.

Having Thermostat to Too Low

When you set your thermostat to low, it makes your AC have to run more in the hot summer to keep your house the temperature you set it too. Living in Las Vegas, it can get pretty hot outside. But you do not need to have your thermostat set in the 60s or even around 70. Having your temperature set to the mid or high 70s or even higher can help keep your AC from working so hard.

Bad Placement of Thermostat

Your thermostat is what determines when your AC needs to click on or off. If your thermostat is in a poor place, such as where the sun hits it directly or by a lamp that is putting off some heat. Your thermostat can be thrown off on its reading. You may not even realize, especially if you are working during the day that your system is working overtime because of the placement on your thermostat.

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Your AC is very important, you do not want anything to happen to your AC and then you are stuck in the summer with a hot house. Try to avoid doing these few mistakes so that you can make sure that your AC is running properly for the whole summer. If you are having problems with your AC then give Hal Mechanical a call today.

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