What are Some Warning Signs that a Furnace is Going Out in Las Vegas, NV? Short Cycling, High CO2 Level & More

Within a very short period of time, more and more homeowners will begin turning there furnaces on. With the winter season almost upon us, and cold nights beginning to occur, you will want to have your furnace tuned-up and ready for the upcoming winter season. Whether you tune-up your furnace or not, you will always want to monitor the furnace and ensure it is running efficiently and safely. There are a few red flags or early warning signs that your furnace may need professional care. Hal Mechanical will share a few of these red flags or warnings, to ensure a safe and an efficient heating system.

Furnace Short Cycling

When the furnace turns on too quickly and then shuts off, this is often referred to as short cycling. Short cycles can occur in both the furnace and the air conditioner and often is a sign that there is or is developing a problem. In some cases, short cycling can be a sign of a bad installation or an oversized unit. However, if you have had a furnace for year and it has recently developed short cycling, this may be due to stress and overheating. Short cycles may be due to a simple problem such as a dirty air filter, a closed vent or an air flow restriction problem. Other times, short cycling may be due to a worn down component that may need to be replaced soon. Short cycling can develop in the beginning, middle or end of the heating season. When you turn your furnace on, be mindful of short cycling and seek repair if short cycling develops.

Pilot Light Flame Color

You can often determine the health of your furnace and its ignition system simply by looking at the pilot light or flame’s color. In most cases, with the exception of a few furnace brands, the pilot light or flame will be a blue color. When the flame becomes a different color such as a yellow or orange color, this is a sign that there is a problem. In some cases, a discolored flame may be due to a dirty pilot light. However, in other cases, a yellow flame often points to a leak or crack in the heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger can be a health and safety concern for the household. If you see a yellow or discolored frame, have your furnace inspected by a licensed HVAC technician.

CO2 Detector Warnings

Many homes have a combination smoke and CO2 detector installed in their home. For older homes it is recommended that you get a plug-in CO2 detector for your home. A CO2 detector detects carbon monoxide gas and other harmful gases that can cause illness and even death. If you do not have a CO2 detector, it is recommended that you get one. For those who have one, if your CO2 detector goes off or alerts you, be sure to have your furnace checked for gas leaks and or fumes from the furnace.

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These are a few of the warnings or red flags you should watch for during this winter season. For heating services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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