What are Common Problems with Pilot Light Ignition in Providence, NV? Fails to Stay Lit & More

The pilot light and ignition systems are vital for a smoothly running furnace, ensuring warmth, safety and efficiency. Understanding and addressing issues in these components is important for a healthy heating system. Today, Hal Mechanical would like to cover some of the common problems associated with pilot lights and ignition systems for the different types of furnaces and their potential solutions.

What is the Ignition System for a Furnace?

Traditional furnaces typically use a pilot light which continuously burns to ignite the gas, which in turn starts the heat cycle. Where some modern furnaces often have an electronic ignition system, they are both more efficient and generally safer. However, neither of these systems are immune to developing problems, which could impact the health and functions of your furnace.

Identifying Common Pilot Light Issues

Frequent pilot light outages is a common sign there is a problem. A pilot light that frequently extinguishes or fails to stay lit could point to a malfunctioning thermocouple or issues with the gas supply to the pilot light. An abnormal pilot light flame color is another sign your pilot light is having a problem. An ideal pilot light flame should be strong and blue. A weak, flickering, or yellowish flame can point towards a dirty pilot tube or incorrect gas-to-air ratio. Lastly, when you are having a difficult time igniting the pilot light, the problem might stem from a clogged orifice or a problematic gas valve.

Recognizing Ignition System Malfunctions

Furnaces failing to ignite is often the result of an ignition malfunction. Should your furnace with electronic ignition fail to start, the cause might be electrical issues or a faulty ignition component. Inconsistent heating from a furnace that starts but shuts off prematurely or fails to start occasionally could be experiencing issues with its electronic ignition system. Another sign is when there is a clicking or humming sound during startup. Such sounds are often a sign of ignition troubles, possibly due to the system struggling to ignite the gas.

Pilot Light and Ignition Issue Solutions

• Safety First – Safety is very important. If you suspect any problem with your pilot light or ignition system, particularly those involving gas, shut off the furnace and consult a professional immediately.
• Regular Maintenance – Routine maintenance can prevent many issues with pilot lights or other ignition systems. This includes keeping the pilot light opening and passageways clean and ensuring the electronic components are in good working order.
• Seeking Professional Help – If you are uncertain about the nature of the problem or how to solve it, it is wise to seek the services of a licensed technician. They can provide an accurate diagnosis and safe repair solutions.

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Issues with pilot lights and ignition systems in furnaces can affect both comfort and safety in your home. Being aware of these signs and acting quickly can help maintain an efficient and safe heating system. With regular professional maintenance and servicing of the furnace plays a huge role in preventing and resolving these issues. For furnace repair and other HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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