Tips for Diagnosing & Fixing Air Conditioning System Problems in Centennial Hills, NV

Having a malfunctioning AC system in the middle of the summer is enough to send anyone into a panic attack. No one wants to deal with the heat of the summer and no working AC. There are a number of different things that can go wrong with your AC unit in your home. Some of the problems can be solved easily and on your own. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about some of these common issues and what you can do before you call in the pros for help.

AC Won’t Turn On

If you have turned the AC on your home to find that nothing is happening, the first thing that you will want to take a look at is the circuit breaker found in your home. This is often the problem. IF there is any blown fuse or tripped breaker, your system won’t be getting the power that it needs to run properly.

AC Won’t Quit Running

Your AC system should turn on and then off again once it has completed its cooling cycle. You shouldn’t feel like it is running without every stopping. If this happens, it is known as short cycling and there are a couple of different things that you can check out:
– Air Filter: Your air filter needs to be changed regularly to make sure your system is getting the airflow it needs to run properly. If you are experiencing short cycling, you should make sure your air filter is clean and doesn’t need replaced.
– Evaporator Coils: Look at the evaporator coils which is located inside the air handler to see if there is any ice buildup. If there is, you need to turn off your system so that it has time to thaw out.

AC is Making Weird Noises

It is normal for your AC to make a certain amount of noise while it is working to cool your home. If you notice that there are all of a sudden new noises coming from your system, you know there is more than likely something wrong.
– Check for Leaks: You should make sure that there aren’t any signs of leaking around your indoor unit.
– Check for Debris: On the outdoor unit, you should make sure that there is no debris around that could cause problems. Keep all bushes and other landscaping plants trimmed back at least 2 ft around your outdoor unit.

AC is Blowing Hot Air

When you turn on your AC system, you don’t want to feel warm or lukewarm air coming from the vents. If this is the case, go to your thermostat and make sure it is turned to cool. This might sound silly, but it is often the problem.

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If you’re struggling with an AC system that simply isn’t working no matter what you do, you can turn to the professionals at Hal Mechanical to take a look. We will be able to repair any issues you are having with your AC system so that you’re cool this summer. Call us today!

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