Signs it is Time to Replace Your AC Unit in North Las Vegas, NV; Uneven Cooling & More

When you own a house it comes with certain expectations and expenses that you have to worry about. Often your AC will get pushed aside because it can be a large expense to replace the AC. But it gets to the point where you can’t push it off any longer and it is time to replace it. Some of these signs are very important to know so you know when it is time to replace your AC. Hal Mechanical delves further into this below.

Why Does MY AC Break So Often?

If your AC is constantly having breakdowns or any other issues then it is a good indicator that you need a replacement. You should have annual tune-ups at least yearly and this can help reduce the amount of repairs that is needed. But if you are constantly getting repairs in a short amount of time then that is a great sign that it is time to get a replacement. Breakdowns and repairs can start to add up. When they do you need to figure out if is it more cost-efficient to just get a replacement instead of getting costly repairs done.

Uneven Cooling in House

You can get an uneven temperature in your home if your unit is too small. But it can also be a sign that your AC is not performing properly. If you notice that some rooms are warmer or colder than others and all of the vents are open while your AC is running. Then call a professional to come check out your AC. It may be time to get a replacement.

AC Making a Loud Sound

A very common indicator that your AC is having problems is that your AC starts to make strange and unusual noises such as grinding or squealing. Both of these sounds are very common sounds when your AC is having problems. When your AC starts to get older it can start to wear out. The life expectancy of an AC is about 10 to 15 years. If your AC is up there in age and it is making those strange noises then it is time to upgrade to get a replacement.

AC Smells like Sewer or Other Foul Odors

Your AC system should never put off foul odors. If it is then that is a huge sign that there is a problem with your system. If you notice a musty or smoky smell it means there is something wrong with your AC and you need to call a professional right away. A technician can come and inspect your AC and decide if it can be fixed or if it is a necessary replacement.

High AC Operating Bill

When something is wrong with your AC then it has to work harder to cool down your house to the temperature you are wanting. When an AC has to work harder it uses more energy which will increase your energy bills. If you have noticed that there has been a large increase in your energy bill then that could be an indicator that something is wrong with your AC. This could mean it is time to get a replacement for a new more efficient one. If all you have noticed an increase in your energy bills call a technician to come check out your AC and see if that is the reason why your energy bill has increased.

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Even though getting a replacement can be scary because of the price, it is always more worth it than trying to make repairs or pay more for your power bills. If you are having problems with your AC and looking for a replacement then give Hal Mechanical a call today.

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