Energy Management

With the slow rise in the cost of energy, energy-efficiency concerns are at the top of the list for property managers, business owners, and commercial organizations. It has become important to look for savings in building facilities such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The climate of Las Vegas just enhances the need to properly and effectively manage energy usage. Hal Mechanical is the leader in energy management for the Las Vegas area.

The original design, quality of construction, and attention to the test and balance process during the building process, will determine the rate at which energy usage and costs will increase over time. The average building will see a gradual increase in both as the building ages. Often, companies use a process that systematically identifies the most wasteful inefficiencies and schedule repair and maintenance per cost effectiveness. This process is known as retrocommissioning. In most cases the improvements identified will restore the building’s original level of energy-efficient operation. Hal Mechanical can assist in this process and provide valuable information to help develop a plan of action. The recommissioning process scope is shaped by the owner’s budget, the level of inefficiency to be corrected, the operating strategies employed to control energy use, and the project team’s commitment. There are several key areas that should be evaluated in any energy management plan:


• Balance air and water systems found to be out of balance
• Repair improperly operating variable-air-volume boxes
• Seal ductwork to minimize leaks
• Replace leaking damper seals
• Tighten loose fan belts
• Repair leaking control valves
• Repair or replace malfunctioning variable-speed drives
• Reduce excessive air-change rates.


• Sensor Recalibration
• Control Sensor malfunction correction
• Simultaneous cooling and heating elimination
• Verify and adjust set points of unoccupied periods throughout building
• Eliminate excessive or inefficient equipment run time
• Match equipment operation schedules to building use
• Control building pressurization to prevent unwanted infiltration and exfiltration.


• Replace lamps to reduce excessive lamp wattages
• Schedule lights to go off during unoccupied periods.


• Repair door and window seals to prevent excessive infiltration of unconditioned outdoor air and excessive exfiltration of conditioned air
• Replace inefficient glazing or install solar-control film
• Provide internal or external shading devices to control solar-heat gain
• Install additional thermal insulation where needed to reduce heat gain and loss.

To evaluate, plan, and begin an effective energy management plan, call the experts at Hal Mechanical. One of our experienced team members will meet with you and help put you on the path to energy savings.

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