My House is Hot Upstairs & Cold Downstairs in Desert Shores, NV; Test Thermostat & More

Uneven cooling during the summer can make some spots in the home unbearable. Uneven cooling occurs in all homes. However, multi-story homes often have uneven cooling problems more frequently. Uneven cooling can be caused by a number of things, such as duct work problems, dirty air filters, and old air conditioning systems. Hal Mechanical will explain why there is uneven cooling in homes and what can be done to correct this problem.

Inspect Air Vents

In both single story and multi-story homes, uneven cooling can be due to the air vents. Sometimes the air vents in the warmer areas of your home may be closed or blocked. Furniture can block lower air vents or ground air vents. Inspect the air vents first to determine if the air vents are either closed, partially closed, or blocked. Make sure there is plenty of open space for the air to properly circulate. Additionally, you will want all the air vents fully opened to ensure air circulation.

Check & Test Thermostat

Another culprit may be the thermostat. Check to see which setting the switch is on. There are two settings “auto” or “on.” In most cases you will want the thermostat set to “auto.” However, if you are having uneven cooling, switch the thermostat to “on.” The Auto setting will trigger the air conditioner to come on and off. When set to the on position, the air conditioner will continually run, helping to balance out the temperature in the warmer parts of the home. Once the warmer parts of the home finally even out, return the switch to “auto.” Sometimes the warmer areas need a longer cooling cycle. Once cooled, it is easier to maintain a cooler temperature. However, there is an underlining cause of the uneven cooling.

Air Duct Inspection

Often uneven cooling is due to air duct leaks. Air duct systems have a number of seams throughout the system that can split. Sometimes when it is warmer in one area, it is because the air duct split at the seam leading into the that room or area. When there is an uneven cooling problem, you may find you have an air duct leak which is common in both second story and single story homes.

Check House Insulation

Uneven cooling can be due to poor or old insulation. At times the insulation in the walls and in the attic may be damaged by water or pests which reduces the effectiveness. As a result, some areas of the home may be warmer. When the air vents and air duct system isn’t the culprit, then have the insulation checked in your home and see if it is time for new insulation.

Install an HVAC Zone Control Systems

In some cases, the home’s design can create warm spots, especially one the sun facing side of the home. To better control those warmer spots, often it may require a zone system. Installing a zone system can be a major investment but will help maintain an evenly cooled home. Zone systems vary. To know if a zone system is right for your home, contact a professional HVAC service.

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