My Air Conditioner Smells Musty in Whitney, NV; Clogged Condensate Drainage System & More

With the spring season here in Southern Nevada, you may have just started to use your air conditioner. If so, you might notice or have already noticed that as you use your air conditioner system there is a strange odor present. When there is a wet and musty like odor coming from the air conditioner and your vents, this could point to a few different problems. Some of these problems can be easily corrected or repaired. However you do not want to ignore the odor as it could be mold or water damage. Hal Mechanical will share why an air conditioner may produce a musty or wet odor while it is running.

Condensate Drainage System

When the air conditioner is running through a cooling cycle, condensation accumulates and drips into the drain pan. The drain pan captures the dripping water and goes into a drainage system where the water is drained outside and away from the house. Sometimes that musty odor develops when there is a problem in the condensate drainage system. The drain pan can become full of water when there is a clog. Clogs can develop in the pan and plug up the drain or somewhere inside the drainage pipe. Basically, the drainage pan and the pipe line needs to be cleaned out to restore the air conditioner’s drainage system and get rid of those nasty odors.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

An air conditioner can develop a musty odor when the evaporator coils are dirty and develop ice. Much of the condensation that is created during the cooling process develops right on the evaporator coils. When dust and other particles that are in the air passes over the evaporator coils, they can get trapped in the condensation droplets and build up over time. A slimy like grime can build up on the evaporator coils that will not only smell but will also influence ice to freeze up on the coils. Dirty coils causes a number of different problems for the air conditioner. One of the common signs that the coils are dirty is odors. The odors that are coming from the air conditioner and or coil is often mold, a fungi or various types of bacteria. Make sure to clean the coils if you notice a musty odor so as to have a healthier home and a healthier air conditioning system.

Oversized Air Conditioner Unit

It is strongly discouraged to install an over-sized air conditioner unit. Many people believe that bigger is better. However, when it comes to the air conditioning system you will need to have the right size unit for the size of your home. A number of problems occur when the air conditioner is too big for the size of the home including odors. Over-sized units develop mold and mildew frequently and you will often smell the mold and mildew. It is important to have the right size unit installed to prevent problems including mold and mildew.

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If you notice musty odors or your air conditioner develops any other problems this cooling season, contact Hal Mechanical and schedule our services today.

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