Is it Normal for My AC to Make a Hissing Noise in Green Valley Ranch, NV? What Can Cause this & How to Fix!

It is important to make sure that you don’t ignore your air conditioner as summer wraps up. Giving your system the attention it needs is critical, even if you are using it less and less and getting ready to switch over to your heater. We stress this point since towards the end of the cooling season is when your system is likely to develop repair needs. Leaving them unresolved all winter long can create more problems at the start of the next season, leaving you with heftier repair bills than taking care of them now. There are many sounds that the air conditioning system should not be making as it operates, and we will touch on them. However, we at Hal Mechanical would like to highlight hissing sounds coming from the AC today.

Hissing Sound is Not Normal for AC

The sound of hissing is commonly mistaken for the regular sound of air passing through their air conditioner. These sounds are not the same but have distinct differences. A slight hissing noise or persistent hissing noise from your air conditioner is not good, whereas the whoosh of air is what you want to hear. When the hissing sounds develop, it indicates a problem a professional can remedy.

What Can Cause a Hissing Noise from AC?

The hissing sounds can be due to a number of reasons and below is a list of the more common causes.
1) Air filter is clogged: The least severe of the common causes is a plugged-up filter. It makes it harder for air to get into your system and create this hissing noise when an air filter becomes overly clogged with dirt and debris. On a regular basis, based on the specific needs of your home, change the air filter. Once you change the filter, check it once a week to learn the average of how long it takes the filter to get full.
2) Refrigerant leaks: Refrigerant leaks may be the most problematic. When your air conditioner is in use may indicate that you have a refrigerant leak, you may hear the hissing. It is no surprise that a leak in this part of your system is not good news since the refrigerant can be considered the lifeblood of your air conditioner. A refrigerant leak is only something a professional can resolve as it involves locating and repairing the leak and a refrigerant charge that only a licensed professional can do.
3) Faulty ductwork: Air escaping from leaks in your ductwork can create hissing. Faulty ductwork can add strain on your air conditioner is not addressed promptly and impact the home’s comfort.

What Else Does a Bad Air Conditioner Sound Like?

One of the many noises that your air conditioner might make over the course of its lifespan is the hissing. If any of the sounds below develop, be sure to call in a professional for assessment and repairs.
– Silence
– Screeching
– Rattling
– Humming
– Clanging
– Buzzing
– Bubbling

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It is essential you repair any issues your air conditioning is having since problems never correct themselves and they longer they carry on, the worse it gets. When the air conditioning needs repairs, maintenance, installation and replacement services in the Las Vegas Valley, call in the experts of Hal Mechanical and let us assist you!

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