Is it Better to Have Two Central Air Conditioning Units or One AC Unit in a 2 Story House in Sunrise Manor, NV?

In the Las Vegas Area, there are mostly 2-story homes. For young, growing families, these homes are ideal as they offer the right amount of space for everyone to feel comfortable. However, it’s no secret that keeping that second story cool can be a real challenge. It leads many homeowners to wonder when they should consider putting in a second AC unit to keep that upper level cool. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about some of the pros and cons to choosing to put a second AC unit in your home.

Even Out Temperature

The struggle is real when you talk about heat rising into that second story of your home. Keeping it cool can seem nearly impossible. This is where a second unit comes in to play. With two AC units, you can keep a more balanced temperature in that upper level, even though the heat is rising up there. While this gives you the comfort you are looking for, you may also see some savings in your energy bills as the home is cooled more efficiently.

Energy Savings of 2 AC Units

Like mentioned above, you can see some real savings when you have two units in the home. You can choose to only cool the upper level when the temperature is cool enough downstairs. This can come into play at night time when you may not need that lower level to be cooler with all the bedrooms upstairs. Likewise, if you aren’t upstairs, you don’t really need to worry about keeping it as cool up there.

Cool Even When System Failure Occurs

Doesn’t it seem like your AC unit always stops working on the hottest days on record? When you face issues with either of your units during the heat of the summer, you don’t have to worry about going without any reprieve from the hot temps outside. You will still have one of the systems in your home to keep at least part of your home cool. You should also be aware that with two units, you could run into more repairs and failures as you will have two units that you need to properly maintain.

Cost of Two AC Units

An obvious concern may be the fact that you have to purchase two different units for your home. These appliances are not cheap to buy. However, some homeowners may not realize that they won’t be paying as much as they think they need to. You don’t have to buy a unit that is as large when you are planning to have two of them in the house. The cost of two smaller units is almost the same as a unit large enough to cool the entire house.

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If you are looking for a more even cooling in your home, you may want to consider putting a second unit in the upper level of your residence. Hal Mechanical can handle any of the installation services as well as answer any of the questions you may have. Call us today!

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