HVAC Air Balancing Procedure in Summerlin, NV; How to Balance Central Air Conditioner & Forced Air Furnace

Air balancing is important to the home and the health of the HVAC system. With proper air balancing you can improve the HVAC efficiency as well as improve its performance. When there is poor air balancing in your home you will have cold or hot spots, depending on the season. This is more common in a room or area near an air vent. Hal Mechanical will share the problems with bad air balancing in a home and how you can correct this common problem.

Air Balancing is Essential

Do you have a certain area of the home that remains cold in the winter or hot in the summer? If so, this is because the air from the HVAC system isn’t getting to those areas. This can be due to a number of reasons, some of which can be easily corrected by the homeowner while others will require the help of an HVAC technician. When there is an air balance problem, you will notice that some areas of the home will be uncomfortable. Additionally, bad air balance can be a cause of stress that is placed on the HVAC system. Stress can lead to premature wear, tear and repairs.

How to Balance HVAC – DIY Corrections

To help restore air balance in the home there are a few things the homeowner can do before they contact an HVAC service. One of the first steps is to check all of the air vents inside the home and make sure they are all fully opened. It is a common misconception to close our vents in areas that are not in use. This is a major mistake as it can cause more problems and cost more money than it actually saves. Next, make sure nothing is blocking the air vents, particularly those near the floor. Curtains, furniture, and other items can block the air flow which is causing the imbalance. There could also be a blockage in the air vent itself. It visible and easy to reach, the blockage should be removed. Poor air flow to certain areas could also be caused by dirty air filters. Make sure to change out the air filters every one to three months or as needed.

Professional Corrections for Balancing Airflow in Houses

Some imbalance problems will need the aid of a professional HVAC service technician. One common cause for air imbalance in the home is a leaking or broken air duct. A section of the air duct can be damaged or has sprung a leak. Air ducts can get separates at the joint and preclude the air from flowing into that part of the home, causing hot or cold spots. Repairing leaking or damaged air ducts often requires a professional service to ensure the leaks are properly repaired. Another common problem is a blockage deeper within the air ducts. When the air ducts have a blockage, the air duct will need to be disabled, cleared out, and then repaired.

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When there are major air balancing problems in your home and the basic corrections do not work, contact a professional HVAC service. With proper air balancing, your air conditioning system will function more effectively and even help save you money. For HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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