How to Winterize & Prepare Your Furnace for the Off Season in Peccole Ranch, NV

As the Las Vegas desert inches towards spring, we experience whacky weather where one day it’s a beautiful, warm and sunny and in a day or two we get snow flurries that don’t stick, but you feel the bite of the cold. As the familiar but strange weather patterns continue, we know the more consistent warm weather is coming soon. Though you still use the furnace for a few more weeks, there are some things you can do now to prepare it for the off-season. Today, we at Hal Mechanical would like to share the essential steps to prepare the furnace for the off season to better protect your home, yourself, and ensure your furnace’s condition holds.

Clean or Change Air Filters

Make sure the filters are fresh by replacing or cleaning them according to their type. Needed year-round are your HVAC system filters. When it comes time to change or cleaned the filter, depending on its type, to remind you to get his crucial step done some people need a good reminder and when you prepare the air conditioner for use and turning off the furnace for the season. The filter needs to be maintained every 30-90 days, which is contingent on the individual home’s circumstances. By replacing a dirty filter with a clean one frequently as well, you can reduce energy consumption in your home by 5-10%.

Check Furnace for Cracks

If you discover any cracks in the combustion chamber, a possibility that gasses is leaking out of your furnace can be likely. To help prevent gas from leaking into your home, it is important to check even though most new furnaces include safety features. Older furnaces most likely do not have this feature, however, and are more susceptible to gas leaks.

Clean Around Furnace & Give Clearance

Make sure the furnace’s surrounding area is clear and clean. In order to avoid the accumulating clutter, the furnace needs to be cleared around the general area. It is easy for the stuff to pile up around your furnace during the summer when it is not in use.
When those unexpected chillier days come through, you might want to turn the heat back on after all. You could ignite potential fires should anything is stored too close. To prevent such risks, be sure the furnace has 18 inches to 3 feet.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

When it comes to any outstanding maintenance and repairs, you need a technician to conduct these services. The furnace undergoes a detailed inspect furnace components combustion chamber, burner assembly, pilot light, the motor, the bearings, and heater exchange among others during professional service.

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To ensure the furnace is in working order, an inspection would serve you now. Also, this is the best time to schedule your air conditioning tune-up service. The professionals of Hal Mechanical are readily available in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas when it comes to maintaining your HVAC system. Our technicians have the expertise and the right tools to ensure it is done right.

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