How to Reduce Electric Bill to Cool Your Downtown Las Vegas, NV Home with Central AC

While some areas may be looking at the next month as a time that they will see some reprieve from the high temps that summer brings, here in the Las Vegas Valley, we will continue to see high temperatures clear into October. There are several ways you can save money on keeping your home cool this summer. Hal Mechanical is here to share some tips that can help you save big until the summer temperatures start to subside.

Get a Stationary or Ceiling Fan

Have you ever spent time in a room that has some sort of fan blowing and circulating the air? It can make a huge difference in the overall feel of the space. When you are looking for ways to turn the temperature in your home up a bit, putting some sort of fan in the room is the way to go. This can be done with stationary fans or ceiling fans. It will cost you a fraction of the price it does to turn down the temperature in your home, and you will still feel comfortable while using it.

Keep Air Conditioner Maintenance Schedule

When your AC system isn’t running efficiently, you will end up paying for it. You can install a programmable thermostat and buy the most energy efficient AC system on the market all you want, but if you aren’t caring for this equipment properly, you will likely see no savings on your energy costs during the summer. You should be scheduling professional maintenance for your entire system every single year to keep your system as energy efficient as possible.

Heat Blocking Window Treatments

While the sun does a remarkable job of heating your home naturally during the winter, it can wreak havoc on your energy costs during the summer. If you have windows that allow the sunlight to heat up your home during the hottest parts of the day, you need to buy and utilize some window treatments that will block that sunlight from your home. they can drastically change the temperature in your home when you close the blinds, curtains or install window film that will block the sunlight.

Keep Your Home Warmer to Save on Energy Costs

When you are home, you want to be comfortable. By keeping your thermostat set as high as you can and still feel comfortable, you could see savings on your energy bill. This includes keeping your home warmer during the hours that you know you aren’t going to be there. You can see as much as a 10% savings on your energy bill when you raise the temperature a couple of degrees during the day in your home. The higher your thermostat, the lower your energy bill; you just have the decide what you are comfortable with.

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If you are looking to save money on your cooling costs this summer, you should call on the professionals at Hal Mechanical to inspect your system and ensure it is running as efficiently as possible. Call us today!

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