How to Prepare Air Conditioner for Summer in Henderson, NV; AC Tune Up & More

Summer is right around the corner. Pretty soon you’ll be running your AC daily. Right now in the spring, you don’t have to have your AC on, but it is a perfect time to prepare your AC for the summer. Below, Hal Mechanical offers a few tips on how you can prepare your AC so that when summer comes you can stay cool in your home.

Change Air Filters

You must change your air filters regularly. They should be replaced every 2 to 3 months depending on your home. It is smart to change your air filters in the spring before you turn your AC on for the summer. This can help make your AC run smoother and even more cost-efficient.

Clean & Clear AC Condenser Unit

You need to go outside and check your outdoor unit. You don’t want to start your AC and have things around your outdoor unit that could cause it to not run as well. Clean out any leaves, debris, or overgrowth around the outdoor unit so that you can get good airflow and be efficient throughout the summer.

Ensure Refrigerant Lines are Insulated

While you are outside you should look in the back of your unit at the refrigerant line. This is connected to your home. The refrigerant line should have insulation around it. If your refrigerant line does not have insulation or the insulation is cracked, frayed, or peeling then you need to call a professional to come and put insulation on your refrigerant line.

Check Air Registers

Next, you want to head back into your home and check the registers or the vents. Depending on where your registers are things can be dropped inside them such as a child’s toy or small material. Check the vents and then remove any items that may have fallen inside before you start your AC.

Turn On to Test Air Conditioner

Once you have checked and changed everything that needs to be done, now you can turn on your AC. You must turn your AC on before summer hits. This way you know if everything is running smoothly or if you need to call a professional to come to fix it. Once you have turned on the air walk around to make sure cool air is coming out of the vents once you know everything is running well then you can turn off your AC until you need it.

Schedule AC Maintenance Tuneup

If you have not scheduled a maintenance tune-up you must do so in the spring. It is a perfect time before the hot summer months. You should get a tune-up at least once a year if not twice a year to make sure that everything is running smoothly with your AC. This can help extend the life of your AC plus ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

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If it is time for you to schedule a maintenance tune-up then give Hal Mechanical a call. We will come and make sure your AC is running smoothly in the spring so that when summer hits you don’t have to worry about it.

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