How Serious is a Leaking Furnace in MacDonald Ranch, NV & What to Do if You Find a Leak

If you are noticing water around your furnace, you suspect it has to do with the furnace. While in some cases it can, in other cases it may have nothing to do with your furnace. The best thing you can do is call a professional if you notice water around your furnace. but let’s talk about a few things that could be causing your furnace to leak. Hal Mechanical lists some common causes below.

Leaking from Humidifier

If you are noticing that your furnace is leaking in the winter, it could be your humidifier. The humidifier is linked to your plumbing. Any extra water from the humidifier will empty through the drains. If you have a clogged or blocked drain line that water will start to build up. It needs to exit somehow and it will start leaking from your furnace.

Condensation Leak

If you have a high-efficiency furnace and you notice leaking, It could be condensation. The high-efficiency furnace has two heat exchangers. This helps them produce more heat, which also generates more condensation. This condensation can be carried out through your home, and then out the pipes to the floor drain. If you have any clogged or broken pipes, they can start to pool up around your furnace.

Leaking from Air Conditioner

If you are thinking your furnace is leaking it may be your air conditioner, not your furnace. If you live in a mild climate, your air conditioning and furnace can work together to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If both are running, then your AC condensation pan may fill up and go into your heating system. Making you think it is the furnace that is leaking.

Filters are Clogged

If you have a central air conditioner and if you have clogged or dirty air filters, this can cause water to leak in your furnace. If you have dirty air filters, it will restrict the airflow through the furnace coils. When this happens, it can cause moisture and freezing to the outside coils. Once the AC stops running, the ice will melt and leak into the furnace. It is always important to check your air filters and change them regularly so that you do not get ice buildup.

Plumbing Leak

Are you noticing water leaking when your AC is off? There might not be a problem with your furnace or AC. It may be an issue with your plumbing. There may be a leak in the roof or problems with your plumbing and it is dripping onto your furnace. Making it seem like it is your furnace when the furnace is not the issue.

What to Do if You Find a Furnace Leak

If you think your furnace is leaking. The best thing you can do is turn it off. You want to turn off the entire system. Turn your thermostat off, and then close the gas line valves. Dry off the water, if it is still leaking water it may not be your furnace. If it has stopped then you should call a professional for a furnace repair.

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Don’t hesitate to call a professional to come and see if your furnace is leaking. If you don’t feel comfortable around your furnace, then call a professional before you even turn it off and close the gas line valves. Hal Mechanical knows where and what to look for if you suspect your furnace is leaking and can help stop the leak and get your furnace running safely and efficiently again.

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