How Old is My Central Air Conditioner in Rhodes Ranch, NV? Read AC Nameplate, Know Installation Date & More

When you are running into problems with your AC unit, you need to know what age your unit is when deciding if you are going to repair the problem or replace the system all together. Not only can the age help you make your next move when things go wrong, but the age of your unit can also be useful information when you are sizing up your unit during seasonal maintenance. It is important that you know how old your unit is. That’s why Hal Mechanical is here today; to help guide you through finding out how old your AC unit is.

How Do I Read My AC Nameplate?

Your AC unit should have a nameplate that has been placed on it by the manufacturer. This can be found in different areas depending on the manufacturer. Trane usually puts theirs on top of the unit while Goodman usually puts their nameplates on the back of the unit. The nameplate is usually full of useful information. Not only will it say the company name, but it will also include the model number and the manufacturing date.

How Old is My AC By Serial Number

If for some reason the nameplate isn’t giving you the info that you need, you can always do a search on the serial number. Sometimes, time can make it difficult to clearly read the information that the nameplate has on it. The serial number is encoded with the date the unit was made.

When Was AC Installed in House?

Along with the date your unit was manufactured, you need to know when the unit was installed. It can be several months after manufacturing that the unit is actually installed and being used. You can find this information in the documents from the purchase of your home.

When Should I Replace My AC Unit?

Most people can plan on their AC unit lasting anywhere between 15-20 years before needing to be replaced. Aside from the age of your unit, there are some other circumstances that may lead to replacement rather than repair.
– It is time to replace your unit when you are paying too much in energy costs every month. An older unit is far less efficient than a new unit you would replace it with.
– If your current AC unit uses R22 Freon and has a leak, it may be time to replace it as this type of Freon has been discontinued and will be expensive to find.
– Frequent repairs are also a good reason to look at your options for replacement.

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If you have an AC unit that is getting old and are facing yet another repair, it may be time to call in the pros at Hal Mechanical to diagnose the problem for you. We can help you weight the pros and cons with replacement versus repair as you decide what is best moving forward. Call us today!

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