How Often Should Commercial HVAC Be Serviced in Anthem, NV to Avoid Heating Problems?

With a commercial HVAC, you want it to run perfectly so that the workplace is at a comfortable temperature. You want to make sure you have employees who are happy and comfortable working in that environment. Having an HVAC means that you also need to have maintenance done. There are a few maintenance tasks that you can do to help you ensure your HVAC continues to run smoothly.

Keep Thermostat in Good Condition

Not many people know a lot about their HVAC. The only thing that they ever touch on their HVAC is the thermostat. Many commercial HVAC systems problems come from this part of the system. It Is usually pretty inexpensive compared to other issues your HVAC could have and it can be a quick job. You just need to make sure that it is buffered against power surges and if your thermostat has it, you need to run diagnostics.

Change Air Filters

Your air filters are very important to keep clean. Your HVAC system gives your office the temperature that you want but it also cleans and filters the air. Over time those air filters can get dirty with dust, dirt, and debris. When they become dirty especially if they become extremely dirty it will put a great strain on your unit. The great thing about changing filters is that you or your staff can do it. Most of the time you do not need a professional for this You want to do it often so there is no blockage and no problems with your HVAC.

Lack of Refrigerant

If your system is running low or does not have refrigerant, then there could be several problems that your HVAC could be having. You could be having higher utility bills because the system has to work harder. But the main thing that you will start having is your system will start to blow warm air. Refrigerant is what cools the air so if you are running low on refrigerant, then it will start to blow warm air out. Having a regular maintenance check can catch if there is a leak and prevent this issue from happening.

Electrical Furnace Problems

Your HVAC is running on power so if it is having electrical issues, it could not work properly. These electrical issues can range from a blown fuse to a more complicated problem. It is important that you upgrade your electrical system during insulation so that you do not run into electrical problems while at work. You do not want to have a business where the HVAC is not working or causing electrical problems in the workplace.

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These are just a few things to keep in mind when you have a commercial HVAC unit. Making sure that you have a maintenance check at least twice a year will also help ensure that your HVAC is running smoothly. They will fix any repairs that need to be done. Give Hal Mechanical a call and we will come to make sure your HAVC is not having any problems.

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