How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Furnace in Henderson, NV? Signs You Need to Upgrade

As a homeowner, there is probably a feeling of dread when you think about the day that you will have to replace your furnace with a new one. It’s something that no one wants to do. Unfortunately, there is going to come a day when you have to replace your old and inefficient furnace with a newer one that will keep you much more comfortable. Deciding when it’s time to replace your furnace can be a loaded question though. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about what you can expect as far a lifespan goes for your furnace.

How Long You Can Expect Your Furnace to Last

When you have a new furnace put in your home, you might not be worried about the day that you might have to replace it. However, if you have a furnace in your home that is getting older, you might be wondering how long you can expect it to live before you have to replace it. For most households, you can count on your furnace lasting 15-20 years before you need a new one. It is important to remember that there are variables that make it difficult to determine whether or not you’re ready to get a new furnace installed. The answer is going to be a little different for everyone. It will depend on things like wear and tear, how well the furnace has been maintained, and how many months out of the year you use your furnace.

Signs Your Furnace Needs to Be Replaced

There are signs that are often present when your furnace has reached the end of its rope. Here are some of the most common signs that it’s time to replace your furnace:
– Noises from Furnace: While your furnace should make some noise when its on, you shouldn’t hear anything that sound unusual. This is definitely a sign that you have something wrong. If your furnace is old, you might want to replace it rather than perform a costly repair.
– High Heating Energy Bills: As your furnace gets older, it will get less and less efficient. This can end up costing you a lot of money each month. If you have noticed that your energy bills are higher than they have been in the past, it might be time to look at your furnace as the problem.
– Discomfort Indoors: If you find that your furnace isn’t keeping your comfortable anymore, your furnace might be on its last leg. You will find that there are cold spots throughout the house even when your furnace is on.
– Age of Furnace: If you furnace is starting to get old, you know that it is getting closer to replacement. Anytime your furnace is over 15 years, you may want to think before repairing it as a costly repair doesn’t make financial sense for a furnace that old.

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If your furnace is showing signs that it is going out, you can turn to Hal Mechanical to help. We can work on your furnace replacement or repair if you aren’t ready to replace it quite yet. Call us today!

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