How Do You Switch from AC to Heat in a Summerlin North, NV Restaurant? HVAC Maintenance & More

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and thought that it was cold and you should have brought a jacket? Nobody wants to be in a restaurant where it is too cold or too hot. You want to have the temperature be perfect and comfortable. To have this happen you want to be able to make a smooth transition between your AC to your heat. Following these few tips from Hal Mechanical can help make the transition easier.

Get Routine Maintenance Before You Switch to Heat

If you haven’t used your furnace for three months or longer then dirt, grime, and dust can start to collect on it. This will make it less efficient. Hiring a professional who knows how to deal with HVAC in a restaurant is what you should do, so you can get routine maintenance done on your HVAC. You want your HVAC running at its best and hiring an HVAC professional to clean, check out the ductwork, calibrate thermostat and test the range of ventilation power, can help ensure your HVAC is at its best

HVAC Efficiency for Health & Safety
In a commercial kitchen that HVAC isn’t just about temperature. You want your HVAC to be clear of grease, pollen, and other particles, helping keep your kitchen and restaurant healthy and safe. If you have a weak or dirty system, then this can compromise the quality of air for your employees and customers. Your system should facilitate 2-3 air exchanges per hour for healthier air quality.

Don’t Switch Between Heat & AC Too Often

If you have a well-maintained HVAC system, then you shouldn’t have any problems switching over from AC to heat. But even with the well-maintained HVAC system, it is smart not to switch it over too often. It is best to only do it once a season. If you are switching back and forth, it can be hard on the part of your equipment. When you switch over to your furnace it can take hours or even days for the system to completely switch over. When you switch over to heat, don’t forget to check the thermostat. Your AC is probably at a different temperature than you want your heat, plus it makes it an easier transition on your furnace if the temperature is lower.

Don’t Wait Until the Temperature Drops Too Much

With a restaurant and commercial kitchen, you will want to switch your heat on before the temperature gets too cold. Too cold of temperatures can make employees and customers feel uncomfortable. You may think you are saving money by not turning on the furnace earlier. But it is not worth the amount you would save to have uncomfortable coworkers and customers. Also, when you turn on the furnace earlier before it gets too cold, you can find any repairs that need to be done before it gets too cold.

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As a restaurant owner, you want your restaurant to run smoothly and have happy customers. Switching your AC to heat in your restaurant can help make for happy customers in the restaurant because the temperature is at a good place. Following these tips can help your restaurant. If you are having any problems with your HVAC, or it is time for maintenance then give Hal Mechanical a call.

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