How Do You Know if Your AC Needs to Be Replaced in Whitney, NV? Age of Unit, Inefficient Cooling & More

You own a building with many rooms and also many people inside of it. The last thing you want are complaints about the air in your building. If you are having more and more problems with your air conditioning, it might be time to look into a new A/C. You do not want people going without cool air in Las Vegas in the summer. Let Hal Mechanical help you learn and decide if a new air conditioner is right for you and your building.

Age of Commercial Air Conditioner

Just like the air conditioning in your home, a commercial air conditioning system will last somewhere between 10 to 20 years depending on how well you take care of it. Within these years, you will probably have to repair the A/C a few times. But the longer to wait to replace your A/C, the worse the air conditioning unit will become and the more often you have to keep fixing it. So if the system is within the 10-20 year time frame, you might want to look into replacing your air conditioning.

Inefficient Cooling in Workplace

Do you keep hearing people tell you that some rooms are too cold and others are too hot? Or how about the A/C is running but the rooms aren’t cooling off? Air conditioners break down, they just do. But it gets to the point, that even repairing it might not help. If this is the case, you might want to consider a new air conditioner. An A/C can start having problems when it comes to equally cooling down rooms. Repairs can help fix that problem, but if it keeps reoccurring replacing your A/C might be in the cards.

Utility Bills Increasing

Have you noticed that your power bill keeps getting higher and higher? You might want to look into a new air conditioning. The older your A/C is, the more inefficient they are. With a new air conditioner, it can help you save money. Some other reasons why your bill could be rising is because you could also be losing air in the air ducts or your unit is too big for the size of your building. If you think that these are your problems, let a professional help you get a replacement that will work best for your building.

Frequent Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

When you have memorized your A/C repairman’s number and you consider him a close friend, it might be time to replace your air conditioner. Air conditioners get old and start to break down and when this happens, you then have to replace parts. If you are constantly replacing parts then you might want to consider replacing your old one and install a new one. Yes, a new air conditioner can be expensive, but replacing parts can also add up. If you are thinking about a new A/C, let a professional help you before your air conditioner completely dies and you are left with no way to cool your building.

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