How Do You Know if an AC Blower Motor Stops Working in Winchester, NV? Weak or No Airflow & More

There are many different components to an air conditioning system. Over time various parts can begin to wear down and fail. One component that undergoes a ton of work and stress is the air conditioner’s blower. As a result of the work load the blower undergoes, it will eventually wear down and begin to fail. It is common for the blower and it’s motor to need to be replaced once in the lifetime of an air conditioner. Hal Mechanical will share some of the common signs that you blower is beginning to fail and it may be time to require a blower motor replacement or repairs.

What is an AC Blower Motor?

The blower is the component that blows the cool air from the air conditioner and into your home. The blower is powered by its motor and often the motor is the site of most of the blower’s problems. There are different types of blowers and each functions slightly different, which means they develop slightly different problems. Like a number of different components of the air conditioner, the blower and its motor is vulnerable to mechanical failure. When a blower or its motor begins to fail, they will provide an indication that it is wearing down.

Signs of a Bad AC Blower Motor

Weak Airflow: One sign your blower motor is beginning to fail is when you notice weak air flow coming from the air vents. You can hold your hand over the vent and you should feel the air blowing over your hand. When you can barely feel the air flow, your blower motor is dying. Depending on the failure you may be able to repair the blower. For example, a belt driven motor may simply need its belt tightened or replaced. In other situations the motor may be completely failing and need to be replaced.
No Air Flow: If you are holding your hand over the air vent and you cannot feel any air flowing out your motor may have completely failed. However, the motor may be fine and the electrical device that activates the blower motor may have failed. The motor will need to be inspected to determine if the blower motor is simply not receiving power or if it has failed.
Higher Power Bill: When you have a higher power bill than is normal, you should never ignore it. A higher power often shows signs of stress in the air conditioning system. The blower motor consumes a lot of energy, and when there is a problem, more energy will be consumed which will raise your energy bill. To help save your cooling system and your wallet, make sure to have the air conditioner inspected to locate the source of the problem.
Strange Noise from AC: When you hear strange noises when your air conditioner activates the blower it is never a good sign. The blower may have a screw or piece of debris stuck inside, or a loud screeching noise may suggest the motor is overheating. When you hear any odd noises coming from the blower or its motor, you will want to quickly turn of the air conditioner and seek professional HVAC services.

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Do not ignore any of these common signs of a blower motor failure. Seek professional HVAC services inspection and repair your blower motor. For HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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