How Do You Fix a Leaking Air Conditioner Due to Frozen Evaporator Coils, Clogged AC Drain Pan & More in Aliante, NV

When one sees water leaking from their air conditioner, many homeowners fear the worst. In many cases water leaks aren’t a bad sign. However, in some cases it can point to a bigger problem. In many cases, dripping water is actually normal. When the air conditioner system is running, condensation can build up and tiny droplets will leak from the air conditioner. In other cases, there can be a problem with the cooling system. Hal Mechanical will share what causes an air conditioner to leak and when you need to contact professional HVAC repair services.

Is Water Leaking from Air Conditioner Dangerous?

If your air conditioner has excessive leaking, you will want to turn off the air conditioner. While it isn’t dangerous, too much leaking can cause water damage, especially for units on top of the roof. If any water has leaked inside the home, clean up the water and dry out the walls with a fan if necessary. After cleaning up the water mess, contact an HVAC service to come and inspect the problem.

What Causes Water to Leak or Drain from an Air Conditioner?

There are many reasons why an air conditioner will leak. In most cases it is related to the drainage system or possibly from dirty or frozen evaporator coils.
Condensate Drain Line: One of the most common reasons for air conditioners to leak is due to a problem with the condensate drain line. This line runs through the home and will eventually end outside the home, safely redirecting the water away from the home. As condensation occurs rather frequently, this drainage system is put in place to protect the home. However, at times the condensate drainage line can develop a clog which results in slow drainage or leaks. To correct this problem, contact a professional HVAC service to come and clear out the clog.
Clogged AC Drain Pan: Another part of the condensation drainage system is the drainage pan. This pan sits underneath the air conditioner. It collects the condensation and the water will flow through the drain and through the condensate drain line. At times the drainage pan can become full of debris and the drainage hole can clog. Another problem is that over time the drainage pan can rust and small holes will develop resulting in leaks. Inspect the drainage pan for clogs or rusty holes. If the drainage pan does have rust, it will need to be replaced.
Dirty and Frozen Evaporator Coils: If the evaporator coils get dirty they will ice up or freeze. The ice can build up in large amounts and as the ice melts, it will result in a leak. Evaporator coils are not designed to freeze up and if present is a sign of a problem. Often it is because the evaporator coils are dirty or even a dirty air filter. If you have water leaks and it is coming from the evaporator coils, check your air filter and see if they need to be changed. Next contact an HVAC service to come and clean your coils and check the rest of your cooling system for problems.

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