How Do I Know if My AC Needs Repair in Las Vegas, NV? Poor Airflow, Lack of Cool Air & More

If you live in Las Vegas, you are already well-versed with the dry heat and scorching temperatures during the long summer months. Like many residents, you rely on your cooling system to keep your home cool and comfortable. Annual preventative maintenance is essential to keeping your HVAC unit at the top of its game so it can be relied upon when you need it the most. Even the most well-maintained system may still experience problems, and you should be prepared. If you notice something about your AC unit that doesn’t seem right, don’t ignore it. Doing so can result in costly damage that could affect the lifespan of your unit, resulting in premature replacement. The experts at Hal Mechanical have provided a list of the most common signs that your Air conditioner needs to be repaired and why you should act sooner rather than later.

How Do I Know if My AC is Struggling & Needs Repair?

1. Funny smells: A strong metallic odor could indicate an electrical issue that requires immediate attention, and a sour, musty odor could indicate mold growth. Either of these issues should be handled by your Hal Mechanical experts as soon as possible. Electrical problems could start a fire, and mold could make sensitive family members sick.
2. Electrical problems: If your AC unit regularly trips a breaker, it means your unit is drawing more power than it needs to operate. One of the most common causes of AC breaker trips is issues with the connections in your cooling equipment.
3. Unusual noises: If you begin to notice grating noises, squealing, clicking, or grinding, this could indicate something as simple as a lack of lubrication, broken bearings, or even a slipped belt. Contact your Hal Mechanical professional for inspection and repairs.
4. Excessive moisture: If you notice water around your AC unit, it could indicate a cracked drain tube. Any water damage or leaks near your system should be immediately addressed by your Hal Mechanical technician, especially if the liquid is your refrigerant.
5. Poor airflow / lack of cool air: If your airflow appears weaker than usual, it could indicate dirty components, dirty or clogged ductwork, or a failing compressor. Your refrigerant levels must be checked if your AC continuously blows warm air. Warm air could also be an indication that your compressor is struggling.
6. AC Short-cycling: If your air conditioner unit frequently turns on and off before it finishes a cooling cycle, this is referred to as a condition known as short-cycling. One of the most common causes of short-cycling is problems with your airflow, electrical issues, or a cooling unit that has been sized incorrectly.
7. Increasing energy costs: Almost any problems with your Air Conditioner will result in your unit working harder and longer to keep your home cool and comfortable. This, in turn, will increase your utility costs. If you notice an increase in your electricity costs, contact the experts at Hal Mechanical for an inspection and repairs.
8. Age of AC Unit: The unit of your unit doesn’t necessarily indicate that it will need to be repaired, but you should be mindful that the lifespan of an Air conditioning unit is typically ten years. An older unit is more at risk of increased energy costs, unsatisfactory performance levels, and the potential for more breakdowns.

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