How Do I Keep My Central Air Conditioner from Freezing Up this Summer in MacDonald Ranch, NV

While other areas of the country are starting to look forward to cooler temperatures that are just around the corner, residents of Las Vegas are still in the thick of high temps and AC bills. When something causes your AC to stop working for whatever reason, it can mean misery. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about what could cause your AC to freeze up so you can avoid letting this problem happen with your system.

Frozen AC Units are Often Caused By Lack of Airflow

If you have ever had a frozen AC unit, you know how awful it can be to walk outside and find ice all over your unit. The number one cause of frozen AC units is lack of airflow. There are a number of things that can cause your unit to not get the amount of airflow it needs to operate properly. Here are some of the causes:
Bad AC Blower Motor: This part is essential to your system running properly. If your blower is on its way out, you will likely start to hear loud and abnormal noises coming from your unit when it kicks on.
Clogged/Dirty AC Filter: Many homeowners aren’t changing their HVAC filters often enough. Without a clean air filter, your unit isn’t likely getting the right amount of airflow to help avoid freezing.
Collapsed Air Duct: The ductwork found throughout your home is responsible for the airflow in your home. When part of it is collapsed or something is blocking the air, it can through your whole system out of whack.
Under Powered AC System: You need to have enough voltage to your unit to keep it running well. This is why you can attribute a bulk of your summer electric bill coming from your AC. When the fan or the blower is under powered, and the compressor continues to run, it can cause freezing problems.

Low AC Refrigerant Levels

Without refrigerant, your AC can’t work like it should. The level of refrigerant in your coils is a big deal because this is part of how your AC regulates pressure. Without the right amount of pressure, it can through off the entire system which will cause freezing. The longer the pressure is off, the more ice will continue to build up and cause damage to your unit.

Dirty AC Coils

This is another form of airflow that needs to be addressed when it comes to freezing units. If there is any dust found in the air that is circulating around the coils, it will likely start to stick to the moisture that is ever present there. This buildup that occurs will start to act as an insulating blanket that doesn’t allow the cold to dissipate and this causes the coils to freeze.

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If you are experiencing a frozen AC unit, don’t hesitate to call on the professionals at Hal Mechanical to help you get to the bottom of it. Call us today!

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