How Do I Diagnose what’s Wrong with My AC in Enterprise, NV? Air Conditioning Inspection & More

The last thing that any homeowner in Las Vegas wants to experience in the heat of the summer is an AC that isn’t working. Given the high temperatures that we see daily in the Vegas valley, a broken AC system can turn dangerous. It is important for homeowners to know what they can do to get their system back up and running when it isn’t working properly. Hal Mechanical is here to share our best troubleshooting tips for homeowners that have an AC unit that isn’t working quite right.

How Do You Inspect an AC Unit & System?

Whenever your AC isn’t working properly, it is necessary to take a close look at the general system to see what the problem might be. Following are the steps needed to perform a general inspection of your AC system:
– Thermostat: The first place that homeowners should always check when they are experiencing a problem with their cooling system is the thermostat. You want to make sure that it is set to “cool.” It might sound like a given, but there are several instances where homeowners simply needed to turn on their cooling system to get their AC going again.
– Vents: Your home is filled with vents that allow the cool air to circulate throughout your home. It it vital that these vents are opened all the way for your home to be properly cooled. Go throughout your home and make sure no vents are closed or covered by furniture. If you have several that have been closed, it will create hot and cold spots throughout the house.
– Outdoor AC Unit: Your condenser is the outdoor portion of your AC system. It is essential that this part of the system gets the right amount of airflow. If there are any trees, shrubs or other plants that are crowding the unit, it can restrict this airflow and end up causing problems. If there are any leaves or twigs that are piling up around the unit, they need to be removed so they don’t get in the way of any airflow as well.
– Refrigerant: Another thing that you need to check is your refrigerant lines. If you have checked everything above, and are still experiencing a hot house, it is time to check the refrigerant lines on your unit. You should be looking for any sign of refrigerant leaking out of the lines somewhere. You should also be listening for any hissing noises as this indicates a leak as well. If you notice that there is a leak, it is important that you call on a professional to help you get it fixed as your AC can’t cool your home without it.

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Anytime you are experiencing issues with your cooling system, you can turn to Hal Mechanical to help you get your system back up and running. We will troubleshoot your system and make any necessary repairs to solve your AC woes. Call us today!

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