Furnace Tune-Up Checklist in Mountain’s Edge, NV; Fan Belt Tension Adjustment, Ignitor Replacement & More

The cold air that comes with winter can be a change that we are all ready for but it also means we need to have a warm place to stay. That is why many people are looking to have their heating unit taken care of and in good shape. One of the heating units that are most used often in Las Vegas, NV homes is called a furnace. The furnace is something that needs to be taken care of and maintained to ensure that it has a long life. One of the things you want to make sure is done is that it goes through a tune up. This means that your furnace is checked by a professional and made to be in the best shape that it can be. Everyone needs to have their furnace tuned up and when you realize what is done you will recognize the need. Hal Mechanical outlines what goes into the tune up of your furnace.

Lubricating Moving Furnace Parts

One of the things you want to take care of when you have a furnace is to make sure that all the moving parts are in good condition. The one way to do that is to make sure the moving parts are lubricated properly. This is something that can be done when you have your furnace set up for a tune up. They will ensure that the moving parts that include the motor bearings are lubricated as well. This is something that should be done. This is an important part of the tune up that should occur.

Furnace Fan Belt Tension Adjustment & Replacement

Another part of the unit that needs to be adjusted as well as repaired are the belts that are used on the furnace. The furnace has belts that are there to ensure that the furnace is able to move with the right amount of tension. The tune up will include the technician coming out and checking the belts for the proper amount of tension. If they are loose they can make sure that they are adjusted and if they are worn they can make sure that they are replaced. This will help to keep the furnace working well through the season.

Intermittent Furnace Pilot Light & Ignition Problems

Another area you want to make sure is checked is the pilot light and the ignition. These are the part of the unit that can start to wear and should be checked for the health. The pilot light can start to struggle and the ignitor might need to be replaced. This is the part that will ensure that the furnace can start to create heat to send through your home.

Furnace Wire Connections

You also want to make sure you have all the electrical connections cared for and checked to ensure that they are tight and secure. If there are any connections that are not secure they can make sure they are adjusted. The technician can also repair and replace some of the connections that are in need and cannot be secured without replacement.

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