Furnace Replacement in North Las Vegas, NV; Determine Size, Assess Ratings, Ductwork Inspection & More

With the winter season approaching, many Las Vegas residents are having their heating system tuned-up and prepared for the winter season. However, some may find themselves in need of a new furnace. When you need to replace your home furnace there are many aspects to be aware of. There is a number of misconceptions, such as bigger is always better. Hal Mechanical would like to help shopping for a furnace much easier for you and offer tips for how to find the right furnace for your home.

Determine Furnace Size You Need

When you need to replace your home’s furnace, many people will often ask for a bigger unit. It is a common conception that a bigger unit means it will heat up the inside of the home faster and be more efficient. However, this is not how furnaces or the HVAC system works. There are many problems that occur when the furnace is too big. First, a furnace is sized to the square footage of the interior space it is heating, along with a few other consideration such as how many windows and their sizes that is in the home. If the furnace is designed for bigger spaces than what is necessary, the furnace will begin to release very hot air and often in burst. As a result, the furnace undergoes huge swings in temperature which can cause the furnace’s interior components to crack or wear down faster. If a furnace is damaged, there is a possibility of carbon monoxide leaking into the home. When a furnace replacement is needed, contact your HVAC service and have them help you find the proper size furnace for your home.

Inspect Air Ducts & Attic Insulation when Replacing Furnace

When having the furnace replaced, request to have the air ducts and attic insulation inspected. Both the attic insulation and air ducts can impact the home heat and even cooling and heating efficiency. Air duct systems can develop leaks or damage where the heated or cool air will escape through. This loss of conditioned air results in poor efficiency and added stress on the furnace or air conditioner units, which can lead to premature wear. To help extend the life of your home heating and cooling system, it is wise to have the air ducts inspected. The attic insulation can also affect furnace performance. Poor attic insulation allows the interior temperatures of the house to cool down more rapidly during the winter and heat up during the summer. When the interior temperatures change too rapidly, it forces the heating and cooling system to work more often. Poor insulation causes more stress and premature wear of the unit. To extend the life of the furnace or air conditioner and have a lower utility bill have the attic insulation inspected.

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When looking at a new furnace, you will begin to see a number of brands and ratings. In most cases furnace replacements are determined by the homeowner’s budget. However, you can always seek out the advice on brand and replacement benefits with your HVAC technician. They often know what brands they frequently need to repair and those that can outlast other brands and models. To ensure you get the right size furnace for your home, contact Hal Mechanical. We provide HVAC services including furnace installation and more.

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