Furnace Noises to Worry About in Downtown Las Vegas, NV; Squealing & Booming Sounds & More

When it comes to appliances you can tell when something is off. Your dishwasher is usually fairly quiet and then one day it started making a different sound when it runs. This can have you questioning what is going on. Your furnace isn’t any different. The only difference is when your furnace starts making noise it could be something very serious that needs to be checked quickly. Hal Mechanical wants to help you learn what some of those noises are and if they need to be addressed immediately.

Squealing Sound from Furnace

When you hear squealing coming from your furnace this could mean that your blower motor or inducer motor is bad or misaligned. The bearings on the motor can be getting worn down. Don’t worry, this isn’t your fault this can happen over time with the furnace being used. But if this happens you will want to get it fixed. If this is left alone it could cause further damage to your furnace.

Furnace Booming Noise

Boom! Not a noise you want to hear, especially coming from your furnace. When you hear a booming noise from your furnace it is because there is a delay in the ignition causing it to have too much gas build up in the combustion. When it lights it is causing a small explosion and that is why you hear a booming sound. This can be caused by a dirty burner, Pilot problems, not enough or too much gas coming from the burners. If you are hearing a boom sound call a professional right away.

Clicking Furnace Sounds

Have you ever tried to use your lighter to start a fire or a candle and the lighter won’t light? So what do you do? You continue to click the button to try and light it. This is what is happening to your furnace if you are hearing a clicking noise. The ignitor on the furnace is trying to light and start up the furnace but the pilot light or the burner won’t light. So it tries again and again until it can light it. That can happen if it is dirty or faulty. Call a professional to come and fix it as soon as you notice this sound so it will start up on its first try.

Furnace Rattling Noises

When you shake a baby rattle what do you hear? You hear those little pieces inside moving around making a rattling sound. So if you hear a rattling sound coming from your furnace there is a good chance something is loose in your furnace that is getting pushed around and hitting things that it isn’t supposed to be hitting. If you hear this sound call a professional to come and take a look. That little piece that got loose can cause big problems for your furnace if it is not taken care of.

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If you are hearing any noise coming from your furnace that is out of the ordinary call a professional to come and take a look. If there is an odd noise something could be wrong and could cause bigger problems in the future. Hal Mechanical is happy to send a professional out to take a look and make sure everything is okay with your furnace.

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