Furnace Making Loud Noises in Spring Valley, NV; High Pitched Whining, Whistling, Banging or Other Sound

We are still in the thick of furnace season here, and while many of us are used to the noises that come from our furnace as it operates, there are certain noises that should be alarming to you. Every furnace will make a certain amount of noise when it kicks on. You are probably so used to it that you don’t even realize it is happening. It’s only when those noises change that you start to wonder if that’s normal. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about certain noises that you shouldn’t ignore if they are coming from your furnace.

Alarming Sounds Coming from Furnace

Like mentioned above, as your furnace turn on, there are so many working parts that there is bound to be a certain amount of noise you can hear. There is an enormous amount of stress and wear that happens as your furnace runs, and over time, these parts will start to change. This means that the noises they make will likely change as well. Here is a list of the noises you shouldn’t ignore and what they could potentially mean.
– High Pitched Screeching Furnace Noises: When metal is rubbing against other metal, it can sometimes create a screeching sound. When your furnace is older, parts start to come undone. It is probably because of an issue in the blower motor. If you allow it to remain without repair, you could end up facing a full blower motor replacement.
– Furnace Making Wheezing or Whistling Sounds: This is usually one of the easier sounds to fix as it is often indicating you need to replace your filter. A dirty filter is bad for your indoor air quality and can put undue stress on your furnace as well.
– Furnace Makes Banging Noise: A loud banging noise usually means there are screws and bolts that have come undone inside your furnace somewhere. It may not be an emergent problem, but you should have it looked at right away to have them put back where they go before, they cause damage to the furnace or the part they belong to.
– Whining Sound from Furnace: If your furnace hasn’t been properly maintained, parts start to expand, droop and detach. This leads to them rubbing against each other when the furnace is on. If you don’t fix the problem, you will find that your energy bills will increase because this makes the furnace work harder than it needs to.

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One way to avoid these unusual noises and unnecessary repairs to your furnace is regular furnace maintenance. If you haven’t had your furnace services in a long time, it’s never too late in the season to have it thoroughly inspected and cleaned. This can help you avoid any repairs that end up much bigger and more costly because they are caught early. A clean furnace is always a happy furnace. Call on Hal Mechanical today for your furnace maintenance and repair!

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