Energy Saving Tips in Mountain’s Edge, NV; HVAC Tune Up Preventative Maintenance & More

Here in Southern Nevada we have very warm springs and very hot summers where we rely on our home air conditioning systems to help keep us cool and comfortable. As we run our air conditioning system as the temperatures rise our power bill can go through the roof. For those who are looking for way to reduce their power bill to help save money and energy Hal Mechanical will share a few ways you can help save energy.

Energy Efficient Door & Window Replacement

One of the major flaws in homes that waste energy are their home’s door and windows. Many exterior doors and windows don’t seal fully and slowly leak out the cool air your air conditioner worked so hard to make. The cool air flows outside forcing your air conditioner to work harder to maintain the temperature inside the home. Inspect your home’s exterior doors and windows for possible leaks. Door are easily stand inside the home and see if any daylight show around the door edges. If you see pockets of light you have a leak. Windows can be more trickier where you may not see light coming through as easy. One trick to test your windows for air leaks is by using an incense stick light and see if the smoke is disturbed. Another way to increase energy efficiency for window is by adding a solar reflective film or tint on your home windows.

Energy Efficient Lighting Systems

When the sun goes down we will use our lighting until everyone goes to bed, and many homeowners will leave their exterior lights on for security. Lighting can run up your home’s energy bill and can be better managed. Exterior light consider installing motion sensor light for security, you get the same benefits but you wont burn up the energy all night long. You can also install landscape solar lamp for your yard and garden. Additionally switch to LED light bulb they may seem expensive at first however, they use far less energy and last much longer then traditional light bulbs.

HVAC Tune Up Preventive Maintenance

There is a lot of maintenance that is needed for the HVAC system. Not only does maintaining your home’s HVAC help extend the life and function of the HVAC system but can help save energy. The HVAC system mainly consists of the air ducts, air conditioning and heating system. Air ducts should be cleaned and inspected for leaks and occasionally resealed to prevent air loss. The filter must be changed often for better efficiency. When possible replace older outdated HVAC unit for modern units. Modern air conditioners can save you between 35% to 50% of the energy being used by older models. Having the air conditioner and heater tuned-up for the major seasons helps in many ways. Servicing the unit helps look for flawed or failing components that can be putting stress on the unit forcing it to work harder. Additionally a clean and service tune up will help run will more smoothly. To help save energy maintain and well working HVAC system is essential.

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There are many ways you can be saving energy for help reducing you energy consumption contact Hal Mechanical we provide Energy Management services and can help you save on your power bills. Contact Hal Mechanical and schedule our quality services today.

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