Energy Saving Tips for Winter in Spring Valley, NV; Heating Inspection & Maintenance Service & More

With the season officially changed here in southern Nevada, we may begin to use our air conditioning less and less and eventually, we will turn on our heaters. With the approach of the cooler seasons, many homeowners will consider ways to reduce power and fuel consumption and manage their winter energy usage better. Hal Mechanical will share a few ways to better manage your home’s winter energy for this coming season.

Do Ceiling Fans Really Help in the Winter?

During the hot summer months, we have our ceiling fans rotating counterclockwise to circulate cold air in the room or area. Many times during the winter either the homeowner turns of their ceiling fans or forget to switch the fans rotation. To better manage your home’s energy it helps to leave the ceiling fans on but remember to turn the fan rotation clockwise. Modern ceiling fans have a manual switch on the lower part of the fan, and some even have remote control.

Let In the Light to Help Warm Home

Another way to help warm the inside of your home naturally is to open the blinds and curtains and let the sunshine in. The sun brings warmth into our homes, especially those that are properly insulated. You can naturally warm up the inside of your home at no cost simply by opening up your home’s window blinds and curtains.

House Insulation Improves Energy Efficiency

There is insulation in the attic and within your home’s walls to better maintain the indoor temperatures during the winter as well as the summer. Have the attic insulation inspected. Over time, the attic insulation requires replacement or a need for more to be added. Other insulation aspects to the home are doors and windows. Many times our precious warmth leaks out of our homes and outside due to door and window leaks. Both doors and windows use a weatherstripping material to seal the doors and windows when they are closed. You may need to replace weatherstripping if there are leaks occurring in your doors and windows.

Is it Necessary to Service HVAC Every Year?

Another essential step in improving your home heating efficiency is by having the HVAC serviced. There are many parts of your home HVAC system, such as the air ducts, as well as the air conditioner and heater that should be regularly maintained. Air ducts should be inspected and checked for leaks due to either damage or splits at the joints. Leaky air ducts can greatly impact the energy usage in a home. This is why it is important to constantly monitor the ductwork. Have the cooling and heating system tuned up to ensure better performance which can help reduce energy and fuel usage. The air conditioner unit should be tuned-up in spring and the heating system tuned-up in fall. This way the heater is ready to go by winter and the air conditioner ready for summer.

Change Air Filters

Air filters should be replaced or cleaned every few months, including in the winter. The air circulation is essential to the HVAC health and can impact your power bill. Make sure to continue to check your air filters during the winter season monthly.

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