Cooling Tower & Boiler Water Treatment Basics in Enterprise, NV; Clarifiers, Filtration & More

Large commercial or industrial companies often require the use of cooling towers. Cooling towers are prone to developing algae, scales, rust, and corrosion which are why they often need water treatment systems. Hal Mechanical provides water treatment service for cooling towers to help ensure the longevity of the cooling towers and prevent cost replacement and repair. We will explain how cooling towers work, and why they are essential.

Cooling Tower Design

Water treatments vary on the design of the cooling tower. The exact type of water treatment system depends on the certain configuration of the cooling tower. For example the water treatment system will be determined if the cooling tower has:
• An open circulating, once through or closed loop
• The type or quality of feed water
• The chemistry of the circulatory water
• The discharge requirements
• Type of heat exchanger
• The cycle and concentration of water

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Needs

Where water treatment needs vary, the basic treatment for cooling towers cover water clarification, with filtration or even ultra light filtration. To help prevent scaling the water is also softened or has an ion exchange system. The water is chemically treated and most water treatment systems use an automated monitoring device. Depending on the quality of the water or what contaminates are found, either one or a combination of treatment methods are needed. Water treatment system for cooling towers are targeted to treat alkalinity, chlorides, silica, sulfate, hardness, iron and organic matter that is found in the water. Additionally, the water is treated for TDS or (total dissolved solids) and TSS (total suspended solids) that leads to scaling, foaming, and or corrosion. Water treatment is often necessary to help protect the cooling towers from corrosion which can lead to costly repairs and damage to the cooling towers. The water feed is essential to protect the cooling system from moisture damage and premature wear. Cooling towers rely on the intake of water to remove the heat from the industrial sight, which is generated by heavy duty equipment. It is important to have the cooling tower water tested as well for local contaminates. Water towers don’t have the same needs and each varies. Often each water treatment system is customized to target the needs of each tower. Water treatment systems require both custom chemical treatments and regular maintenance to ensure the cooling tower’s health. Replacing or repairing water towers or their components is very costly and can stop business until they are repaired. Make sure that the cooling tower has a good water treatment system to unsure the longevity.

Boiler Water Treatment Guidelines

Water treatment is important to cooling towers. However, they are also used for large and small boiler systems which have similar needs to ensure the boiler’s health. Boilers also develop scales, calcium and rust and often need a water treatment system as well. They too are chemically treated and monitored. Water treatment systems are used for large scale cooling towers as well as boiler heating systems.

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