Common Problems with Air Conditioning Systems in Providence, NV; Bad Smells, Ice on AC Unit & More

With owning a home there are many aspects that you must maintain and provide repairs when needed. One of these many aspects is the air conditioner. We greatly depend on our air conditioning system during the summer season to keep our homes cool. When the air conditioner begins to give signs of needing repair, it is important not to ignore or put them off. Hal Mechanical will share some of the common signs an air conditioner will give when it need repair that you should never ignore.

Loud AC Noises

When an air conditioner begins to make noises this is never a good sign. When an air conditioner makes noises that are out of the norm, the air conditioner has a problem. An air conditioner will make a slight humming noise. However, if the air conditioner is making strange noises, the types of noise coming from the air conditioner can help determine the problem. Here are some of the noises that points to a problem with the air conditioner.
• Grinding or Rattling
• Screeching or Squealing
• Banging or Clanging
• Hissing
• Buzzing
If your air conditioner begins to make any one of these noises, turn it off and contact an HVAC repair service. With a proper description of the noise you are hearing, an HVAC technician will be able to locate and repair the problem with your air conditioner.

How Much Does an AC Unit Affect Electric Bill?

When you notice a sudden spike on your energy bill, this is worth investigating. Often a sudden increase of your energy bill can point to a problem with the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is having a problem cooling down the inside of the home, it will require more cooling cycles to keep the home cool. This will result in a higher energy bill. The more often your air conditioner is running, the higher your power bill will be. When your energy bill is higher than normal, there is a problem with the air conditioner. You will want to have the air conditioner inspected and the problem located.

Ice on the Air Conditioner

When your air conditioner has ice forming on the outside of the air conditioner, this is another major problem you should not ignore. Ice is most often due to an air flow restriction problem. Air flow restriction can be due to a number of different sources or locations. An HVAC technician will be able to inspect the air conditioning system and repair the air flow problem.

AC Smells Bad

When you notice a bad odor coming from your air conditioner this is also another bad sign. Odor can point to a problem developing in the air conditioner. Musty odors can point to mold developing in the air ducts or on the evaporator coils. A burning smell can be an electrical burn or the belt has overheated and has burned up. Odd odors should never be ignored. If there is a burning odor turn off the air conditioner. Carefully inspect the home and make sure there is no smoke or signs of a fire. If there are no signs of a fire, you may stay inside the home, but before you turn the air conditioner back on, have the air conditioner inspected.

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If you have any one of these signs that there is a problem with an air conditioner do not ignore them. Contact Hal Mechanical and schedule our services today.

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