Common AC Problems in Henderson, NV; Bad Capacitor, Fan Malfunction, Clogged Drain Hose & More

The last thing you want to deal with during the summer months is an AC unit that isn’t working properly. Unfortunately, since there are so many working parts inside your unit, it is bound to have problems pop up. Some problems are larger than others, but it is important that anytime your unit isn’t working quite right, you have it looked at by a professional so you can get to the bottom of it. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about some of the most common problems we see during the summer with AC units.

Low AC Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant found inside your AC unit is found inside a closed system. This means that you won’t simply run out of it. If you are starting to get low on refrigerant, there is a leak somewhere that needs to be addressed. The biggest sign of low refrigerant is warm air blowing from your vents no matter how low you turn down the temperature on your thermostat.

Bad AC Capacitor

There are several problems that can be avoided by simply scheduling your routine maintenance on your AC unit and a failing capacitor is one of them. When your AC unit has a hard time getting started, this is the first place you should check. The other issue is that this is usually a problem that people struggle with during the hottest times of the year.

AC Fan Malfunction

Sometimes the fact that the unit is located outside can give you a false sense of how easily it can sustain damage. You need to beware of any debris that is found surrounding your unit as it can get inside and end up causing damage to the fan blades. This is one of the reasons why making sure it is properly protected or encased is a so important.

Clogged AC Drain Hose

The AC unit in your home is responsible for keeping your cool throughout the summer by removing any unwanted humidity from your home as well as cooling the air in your home. This humidity is removed using drain hoses. When they get clogged, it can pose problems for your home. One of the biggest problems you can start to see is mold and mildew growth. Luckily, if this is the problem you’re facing, it can be easily fixed by a professional who knows to flush any hoses and remove any drain clogs.

Dirty AC Filter

This is one of the easiest problems of all to fix. If you haven’t changed your filter for several months, it’s time to do so. This will help your unit run much more efficiently and will leave you spending less on cooling your home.

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If you’re struggling with any issues with your AC unit in your home, you can turn to Hal Mechanical to help you get solve any problems you may be having. The best way to avoid them in the first place is to call on us for your routine maintenance appointment. Call us today!

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