Central Air Conditioner Fan Problems in Mountain’s Edge, NV; Bad AC Motor, Bent Fan Blade & More

The air conditioner fan is one of the more essential components that can develop a number of different problems. When the air conditioner fan encounters issues, your air conditioner efficiency is compromised along with the function of the cooling system. Hal Mechanical will share some of the common problems with air conditioner fans and how to correct them before your bill runs up or the air conditioner fails.

Signs that Air Conditioner Fan is Not Working

When a fan is developing problems it will often give some warning signs. Often noise is the first indication that there is a problem. Some noises that a fan will develop is a clunking sound which can be caused by a bent or loose fan blade that is hitting the inside of the air conditioner. Fans can also develop a screeching noise which points to a worn fan belt. Other signs that there is a problem with the fan is poor efficiency which can be seen on your monthly bill. There is often a decrease in air flow or warm air coming from the vents. Another sign could be ice that develops on the air conditioner.

Bad AC Fan Motor

There are three more common problems that occur with air conditioner fans. One is the motor. The fan motor is what turns the fan blades. The motor can be faulty at times. However, the fan motor undergoes a lot of stress and can wear down and require a number of repairs. The motor can also burn out or overheat which can damage the internal wiring. When the motor goes out, often it requires a motor replacement.

AC Fan Electrical Problems

The second more common problem fans can develop is electrical problems. The fan motor is electric and the wiring is rather fragile. Over time, wiring can become frayed or become disconnected. When the motor isn’t properly supplying power, the entire air conditioner can become stressed and break down. In most cases, the breaker to the air conditioner will trip to prevent hazardous situations. If the air conditioner breaker trips frequently, there is a problem with the fan motor electrical wiring. It will require a professional air conditioning repair service to come and inspect the electrical components and repair the problem.

Air Conditioner Fan Blade Bent, Warped or Broken

The last common problem is damaged or bent fan blades. The air conditioner’s fan blades can become damaged in several ways. The blades can become bent, damaged, or loose. All are bad news. When the fan blades are compromised there can be a lot of issues which can be hazardous and damage the internal components. When fan blades are compromised often there will be loud noise such as banging or screeching that accompanies the problem. When noise occurs due to the fan blades, turn the air conditioner off and contact an air conditioning repair service.

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When problems occur with the air conditioner fan, do not ignore the problem. Seek a professional service right away. If your home air conditioner fan needs professional inspection and repair, contact Hal Mechanical and schedule our services today.

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