Causes of Central Air Conditioner Failure in Eldorado, NV; Refrigerant Leak, Lack of Maintenance & More

An air conditioning unit can develop a number of problems that can occur at different areas of the cooling system. These problems can leading to total failure of the air conditioner and cooling system. Repairing and replacing an air conditioning unit can be a major investment. To help ensure the care of your home’s air conditioner and HVAC system, Hal Mechanical will like to cover the leading causes of air conditioner failure and how to detect these problem before major damages occur.

Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant plays a major role in creating the cool air that flows through the home. The refrigerant helps to create cool air and keep the air conditioner cool and from over heating. One of the leading problem that can create air conditioner failure is refrigerant leaks. When the refrigerant leaks the air conditioner work harder and longer to create cool air. This prolong cycles can cause additional wear to the various components as well as over heating. Luckily refrigerant leaks are simple enough to repair and to refill, but first the problem needs to be detected. When the refrigerant is low often the air conditioner will run longer which can help provide a hint there is a problem. As the refrigerant gets lower and lower the air conditioner will begin to blow warm air through the vent. When you notice long cycle period or warm air have the air conditioner looked at immediately.

Thermostat Sticking

The thermostat controls when to activate and deactivate the air conditioner or heater. Often when the air conditioning or heating system fails to turn on there is a problem with the thermostat and not the equipment. Troubleshooting a thermostat can be difficult, sometimes you can clearly see the batteries are low. But other problems can develop on the thermostat’s circuit board or with the wiring. If the air conditioner or heating system was running fine but suddenly won’t switch on, have the thermostat checked or replaced.

Central AC Tune Up & Maintenance Neglect

Neglect is the number one leading cause of HVAC failures. The homeowner is responsible for keeping the vent and registers clean and free of dust and to change the air filters. The air filters when dirty can put a lot of stress on the HVAC system. It can cause premature wear of components and cooling problems. The evaporator coil often ices up when the air flow is restricted. Other signs of a dirty air filter are long cycle periods and poor indoor air quality. Homeowners should also keep ground located units clean and free of weeds, long grass and debris. Debris and plants can get inside the ground unit and restrict air flow as well. For homes with ground units make sure they stay clean. HVAC systems do require routine maintenance. It is recommended to have the HVAC system serviced at least twice a year. Maintenance should be scheduled once in the spring and again in the fall to ensure that the HVAC system is clean, lubricated and prepared for the intense cooling or heating seasons.

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To avoid air conditioner or heating failures make sure to maintain and care for your home HVAC system with a professional like Hal Mechanical. If you require HVAC tune-ups, repairs, replacement and/or inspection, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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