Architectural Metal Finishes in Desert Shores, NV; Antique, Polished, Patina, Swirled & More

When you are looking for a way to finish a space whether it is outside or inside, using metal is a great option. Many commercial spaces will use metal to finish rooms, exteriors, kitchens and bathrooms but your residential space can also use it as well. The most common places that you can find architectural metal are the eaves of the house, outdoor kitchens, siding and more. If you want to use a more modern and unique finish then it would be a good idea to talk to a contractor that has expertise in architectural metal. There are many types of metals that are used that include stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper and aluminum to name a few of the most common. The metal is only part of what you need to choose from. The metal can also have a finish that you need to decide on as well. There are several options that can give you a finish that would best fit your home or commercial space.

Hal Mechanical Lists Types of Finishes You Can Choose From When Using Architectural Metal

Antique Metal Finish: When you have a metal exterior or if it is used in the house or commercial space you want to use a finish that best fits the space. There are some spaces that would not do well with a clean metal finish so an antiqued finish is a great option. The antique looked is produced when the metal is treated with a chemical or oxidizers. This will add color to the metal that gives is that antiqued or older look.
Polished Metal Finish: If you have metal such as stainless steel you may want to show off the look. This can be done by letting the metal shine like it was intended. You can do this by having the metal polished after it has been installed. The great thing is that it can be polished again if you need to touch up the look if there ends up being any scratches to the surface. The polished look will increase the shine and the overall look of the metal itself.
Patina Finish: Some of the uses of metal are going to be outdoors and you may want it to have that old looking patina that usually happens over time. There are several types of metal that can be given a patina look. If you do this to a cooper metal it can leave the metal with a green look. Other metals will turn a more orange and older looking metal. The great thing is that the metal looks old and used but it is in great shape and is not under any duress.
Swirled Pattern Finish: You can also choose to have your metal finished with a swirled finish. This will take away the polished clean look and give it a textured look. The texture can be set in a swirled pattern as well as lines of abstract. The abstract look of the metal lets you use it without leaving fingerprints and other damage from wear and tear.

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