Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On in Mountain’s Edge, NV? How to Get My Air Conditioning System to Kick On!

During the upcoming summer season the last thing you want to experience is your air conditioner not turning on. Summers in southern Nevada are very hot, and the inside of your home will quickly become unbearable. If you run into this problem there are a few steps you can take to restore your air conditioner. When you have an air conditioner that will not turn on or start up, Hal Mechanical will walk you through the steps that can help you troubleshoot the problem.

How Do I Get My Air Conditioner to Kick On?

An air conditioner has a life span of about fifteen to twenty years with proper care. It is unusual for the entire cooling system not to turn on, unless the air conditioner is at the end of its life. Unless your air conditioner is really old and has finally kicked the bucket, there are steps you can take to try and start your air conditioner back up. Follow these steps to troubleshoot some of the basic reasons why the air conditioner is not starting up.
Check the Breakers – If the air conditioner isn’t starting up check the circuit breaker to the air conditioner. The cooling system may have overloaded and tripped the breaker. See if the breaker has tripped. The circuit break should be labeled. If not look for any breaker that has tripped and reset them.
Double Check Thermostat – Just to rule out the thermostat, go ahead and check it. Sometimes a child may have played with the thermostat setting and set the thermostat to off, or heat. This will prevent the cooling system from turning on. The temperature setting may have been set to a higher temperature. Even though this scenario seems unlikely, it is worth investigating before you contact an HVAC services.
Check for Ice – If your air conditioner has developed ice around the evaporator coil or the condenser unit, this will prevent the air conditioner from turning on. Check the outdoor unit for ice along the side of the unit or the copper pipe that supplies the refrigerant. The inside unit may have ice around the evaporator coils. If ice is present, turn off the air conditioner and allow the ice to melt.

Troubleshooting Mechanical AC Problems

If you walk through these basic steps and still cannot get the air conditioner to start up, you may have a mechanical problem. The electrical wiring that supplies the air conditioner with power may have degraded or become loose. There may also be a wiring failure along the thermostat system. The contactor in the air conditioner unit may also be stuck, preventing the air conditioner from receiving power. If the air conditioner develops an electrical or mechanical problem, you will want to have an HVAC technician inspect your air conditioner and determine why the air conditioner isn’t starting up. Once discovered, they can repair the problem and restore your home’s cooling system.

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Going a few hours without an air conditioner in the middle of the summer can be unacceptable. With our intense heat we depending on a reliable cooling system. To prevent air conditioning failure this summer make sure to have your air conditioner tuned-up and ready for summer. For quality HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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