Age, Weird Smells & Other Signs Your Central Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced in Las Vegas, NV

The thought of going without central air conditioning during the summer in the Las Vegas Valley is almost unbearable. Some would even say that it is impossible for six months out of the year. For this reason, you want to be very aware of how your air conditioning system is operating so that you can catch any signs that indicate there is a problem. Hal Mechanical is here to tell you about signs that indicate it is time to replace your air conditioning unit.

Age of Air Conditioner

You can count on the average air conditioning unit to last around 15 years. If your unit is near this age, you could be facing replacement soon. The age of your unit can be coupled with other issues that may spring up out of nowhere. If you are facing costly repairs and your unit is over 10 years old, you may want to seriously consider replacement rather than repair.

Central AC Not Blowing Cold Air

The whole purpose of your central air conditioning system is to pump out cold air and get rid of the hot air in your home. When it isn’t doing its job, something is wrong. If you all of a sudden feel like your air conditioning system isn’t working very well and your home isn’t cooling off like it should, you may need to replace it. This is especially true if you are in need of freon as the R-22 freon is being phased out.

Condensation on Outside of AC Condenser Unit

Because your air conditioning system removes moisture from the air as it cools, there is always some moisture surrounding your unit. However, if you have an abnormal amount of moisture around your unit it is indicative of a problem. Added moisture isn’t just a sign of a problem, but it can also pose a health risk as it creates a breeding ground for mold.

Weird Noise & Smells Coming from AC

Your air conditioning unit will make a certain amount of noise as it operates, but if you notice that abnormal noises are coming from the unit it can mean there is a problem. Anytime you hear grinding or knocking, call your HVAC professional to help you evaluate and diagnose the problem. The same goes for any foul smelling odors. You don’t want to have your home filled with any unfamiliar or smelly odors when you turn on your AC. The only thing that should be coming out of those vents is clean, cool air. When you smell anything musty, it could mean you have a moisture buildup problem. Other smells may include rotten eggs or gun smoke which could point to other issues that should be evaluated by professionals.

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If your AC is showing signs that there is a problem and you may need to replace it, you can rely on the experts at Hal Mechanical to diagnose the problem and give an honest recommendation as to whether or not you are better off choosing to replace your system or repair it. Call us today!

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