Common Summer HVAC Problems in Summerlin North, NV; Air Conditioner Not Working, Dirty AC Coils & More

During the middle of the summer, your air conditioning system is working the hardest. It is during this time the air conditioner is more prone to develop a problem. The air conditioner’s components are under a lot of stress in keeping up the demand of the home’s cooler temperatures. Additionally, working in the extreme heat…

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How Do I Know if My AC is Leaking Refrigerant in Winchester, NV? What Does a Leak Look, Sound & Smell Like?

The idea behind refrigerant can be a bit confusing for some people, as many people believe that refrigerant is like a fuel that will eventually deplete. However, this is not so. Refrigerant is constantly going through a process that basically recycles itself. You should never run out of refrigerant unless the air conditioner has developed…

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